E Amélio de Oliveira

“Emerson Amélio has a definite talent, and ohmigod what a work ethic… with his genial, seemingly devoted staff”

Fay Maschler, Evening Standard

“adventurous and imaginative combinations throughout the menu”

Adrian Seal, Restaurant Reviewer

Food has always been a passion of mine and during my adulthood it has been my main occupation. We come from a family of country folks attached to the soil and long established culinary traditions. From growing up in a small community in the southern plans of the Amazon Forest to the hectic life of a chef in London town has been quite an odyssey. But only later in life I came to understand the importance of a flexible and healthy diet and decided to use my profession to help raise food awareness.

The greatest challenge that a chef faces when cooking vegetarian food is to make it interesting to non-vegetarians. We want to make eating healthy fun, delicious and a reason to sit around the table. And about the organic thingy… If you will spend your money and time going to a restaurant to eat, you might as well do it right.